It will come out tomorrow as well

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There is scarcely a person alive who has not heard the famous song “Tomorrow.”

Annie was not merely hoping that the sun would rise the next day but that the future would be brighter. Isn’t that what we are all hoping to happen?

Stop holding your breath

We hold our breath at times, wondering what the future will look like for us. For a recent college graduate, the future seems bright. Days will most likely get better as they start to go after their dreams.

For those middle-aged, we wonder if the future is brighter. We may look forward to retirement where we can…

You were already born most of the way there

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I was found guilty, sentenced, condemned, and then pardoned. Then it got even better. I was justified.

The biblical word “justification” is a legal, courtroom act whereby our holy God (the Eternal Judge) passes His unchanging sentence on sinners.

The Bible makes it clear that every individual was born a sinner.

For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. (Romans 3:23, NLT)

You were born condemned

You and I were born under the wrath and condemnation of God. We were born with our feet pointed toward eternal hell. …

It is actually pretty simple, but it will not be easy

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When Jesus called 12 disciples to follow Him, they were average, normal human beings. Yes, they now had a special call on their lives, and they were dedicated to Jesus and His mission. But, boy, did they fail.

There were infightings, frustrations, disappointing actions, and they all eventually failed Him. One of them even sold Him to the enemy — in the worst betrayal of all time.

Yet, something happened to these men after the resurrection. When they met the resurrected Christ, He reminded them that the mission was not over. He was going to use them. He still had…

Their view of the world may actually be better than yours

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When I consider how I lived most of my life, I realize my failure to do this.

I have not always been a good listener, although I did have a penchant for following the rules. Respecting and obeying authority was my strong suit.

Listen to authority?

Growing up, I assumed that everything my parents, teachers, church, and the news said was true. If it came from an adult, there was no reason to doubt what they were saying. Their lessons went inside the vault in my brain. …

Leadership is so much more than a position

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Who of us has not been in a situation where we had to be under the leadership of someone who had no idea how to lead. Just because a person has a position of authority, they do not automatically have your respect because they need to earn that by handling their role well.

A leader does not have to do things our way to be respected. We honor leaders who can make the best decisions for the team, the church, the country, the business, or whatever entity they are leading.

Could this be why most of us have little respect…

Maybe you should have written it down

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Back in the late ’60s, there was a popular theory that we retain 10% of what we hear, 20% of what we read, 30% of what we see and hear, and the list goes on. It was clever but never proven. There was most likely some truth to it, but it has been bandied about as fact.

What I have personally experienced in my life is that when I write things down, there is a much greater probability that they will get remembered.

My phone constantly has reminders and alarms going off every…

Can I sincerely forgive if I cannot forget?

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“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” — Albert Einstein

That makes perfect sense. We all have circumstances in our lives where we struggle to understand how and why things happen the way they did. Did you know there is a fascinating little book near the end of the Bible (Philemon) that demonstrates this truth quite literally?

The Apostle Paul is under house arrest in Rome, and during this imprisonment, a runaway slave named Onesimus somehow meets him. He was a fugitive on the run and had stolen from his former owner. …

Some cannot see God, and He is everywhere

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There is a touching scene in John 11, where Jesus raises his dear friend, Lazarus, from the dead. The family had informed Jesus that Lazarus was sick, yet He did not heal him.

When Jesus did get to the town where Lazarus lived, not only had he already died, but he had been dead for four days.

Disappointed with God

His two sisters were a little disappointed with Him. He had healed so many other people, and yet, one of His dearest friends was sick, and He could not come to see him. They were beyond frustrated and hurt.

Jesus asked them to…

Do I honestly believe in forgiveness?

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We are good at evaluating the lives of others, and we either approve or condemn. It doesn’t take us too long to observe another and decide whether their behavior is acceptable or deplorable in our eyes. Most people often live in this gray area where their actions do not bother us one way or another. However, if their decisions negatively affect our lives, we quickly become judge and jury.

Yikes! You did what?

The Bible records a story where a woman is brought before Jesus by religious leaders. They had caught her in the act of adultery. …

I have a better friend than you

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Most stories that we read have a beginning, a climax, and a resolution. We are accustomed to stories with a crisis, and then by the end of the story, things have been resolved, and everybody lives happily-ever-after.

We like stories like that, probably because we are always looking for our happily-ever-after.

Some stories do not end that way, though, and they are not that pleasant to read or watch — our minds like resolution. We do not mind climax, as long as there is deliverance at the end.

Sometimes a story without a resolution may tell a better story than…

Ron Whitehead

Married to Melissa since May 20, 1989. Father to 4 wonderful children. Pastor at Bethel since 1994. Child of God since trusting in Christ alone to save me.

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