I am so glad you asked, but this may take a while

Okay, so maybe you didn’t ask what Jesus means to me, but someone did recently.

Here I am, a pastor for over 30 years who has spent his entire adult life preaching about Jesus, and no one has asked me that question before.

Each week I spend countless hours working…

I hope it is a regular occurance

We judge one another based upon appearances. Many times we might be spot on, and other times we may be way off. The reason — most of us want to put forth a good appearance before others, so we try extremely hard to look the part.

No doubt you have…

Driving through fog.
Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

What is fog?

What is fog anyway, and why does it happen? If you want a technical answer, here is one from National Geographic:

“Fog shows up when water vapor, or water in its gaseous form, condenses.

During condensation, molecules of water vapor combine to make tiny liquid water droplets that hang in…

There is one waiting for you right now, and it is free

There is something peaceful and relaxing about water. Many people will spend hundreds of dollars renting a quiet house by a river, lake, or ocean to spend their vacation. Some people dream of living in a quiet house near a body of water, and there is one available to everyone…


You need to have an accurate plan or you will fail

Who cares? I am just winging it.

More times than not, we are just winging it through life.

Consider the person who receives a promotion, realizes that he is way over his head, but keeps going. Little do people know that he feels like a deer in headlights. He just acts like he knows what he is…

I may be an old curmudgeon, but back in the day, when someone yielded the right of way on a narrow road, it was common for the other person to show gratitude. I am not talking about throwing a parade or casting confetti in the air, but a simple wave…

Puppet, Jesus, Spirituality
Image by Thomas Skirde from Pixabay

One-size-fits-all is a misnomer. Have you ever tried on something that declares this truth only to find out that your girth has exposed the flaws in this claim? Clearly, I am speaking for a friend.

Yet, when it comes to Jesus, one size does fit all. …

But I hope you will agree with His opinion every time

Living through a pandemic has caused many of us to go through a lot of changes in our lives. Sadly, many people needed to change careers. Others learned to start something new in their lives. In addition, there has been the loss of family, friends, and so much more.


If a drug dealer knocked on your door this afternoon and offered to sell you a pound of cocaine at 75% off because he was getting out of the business, would you be tempted to buy? Probably not. You could say something like this, “No thanks, I’m dead to cocaine.”

One day in Sunday School, the teacher asked her 1st-grade class if anyone could guess what she was describing. She said it is a small animal with a fuzzy tail.

No one responded.

She said you could find them in your back yard every day.

Still, no one responded.


Ron Whitehead

Follower of Jesus — Husband — Father — Pastor

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