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  • Derrick Story

    Derrick Story

    Photographer, writer, podcaster- Tune in at www.thedigitalstory.com — Top Writer in Photography

  • ⭐️ Lizi Ruth

    ⭐️ Lizi Ruth

    Author of the blog Widowed At 24. I chronicle my journey living, loving, & learning. Passions: Jesus, social justice, long talks, travel, sushi, & cats.

  • Anne Peterson

    Anne Peterson

    Poet, Speaker, published author 16 books. Most recent book, Always There. Visit Anne’s website www.annepeterson.com to sign up for a free eBook.

  • Frank Vaughn

    Frank Vaughn

    Husband. Father of three. Veteran. Writer. Podcaster. Photographer.

  • Dennis De Silva

    Dennis De Silva

    LinkedIn’s Top Inspiring Filipinos — 1.7M+ content views — Spreading tested principles for a happy life & career https://www.linkedin.com/in/dennis-de-silva-cpa

  • Ademola Awodeyi

    Ademola Awodeyi

    Penman. Storyteller. Wordsmith. Neologist. Christian. Medical doctor. I am your organic reminder of the beauty of this one life you got!

  • John Howard Prin

    John Howard Prin

    John enjoys helping people to discover and live their best lives; his writing serves that purpose. Please go to his website www.TrueYouRecovery.com

  • Kirk Dixon

    Kirk Dixon

    My name is Kirk, like the captain, and I am a Youth Leader at my church. I am a total nerd for movies, shows, and books. But most of all, I am a huge Bible nerd

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