Please, and Thank You!

Parents often try to instill in their children those two famous words, “Please, and Thank You”. We want our children to grow up as kind, pleasant, and grateful people. Some children are naturally wired in this direction and they are constantly thanking people if they are given something, and others need to be reminded. Most of us were probably the ones who needed to be reminded. Do you notice that we are living in an unthankful society. It used to be when you yielded to someone else while driving that the other person would always raise their hand to thank you for doing so. Now it is rare if that is done. I thought it was interesting that the great Apostle Paul concluded the book of Romans with a chapter thanking others. He understood that he could never have accomplished all that he did without the help of others, so he publicly thanked them. Most of those he thanked we have never heard of before or after, but they were instrumental in his ministry. Could I encourage you to set a reminder on your phone to pick up a pack of Thank You cards this weekend, and sit down and write out the whole pack to people who have impacted your life for good. Think of those who have helped you, but you are pretty sure they don’t know that they did. You can buy a pack of 6 cards at the Dollar Store, but the 6 people you thank will probably think it is priceless.



Follower of Jesus — Husband — Father — Pastor

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