Ron Whitehead
2 min readApr 7, 2021



So What Did God Say To You Today?

Maybe you should have written it down

Boy with Bible, shocked, confused
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Back in the late ’60s, there was a popular theory that we retain 10% of what we hear, 20% of what we read, 30% of what we see and hear, and the list goes on. It was clever but never proven. There was most likely some truth to it, but it has been bandied about as fact.

What I have personally experienced in my life is that when I write things down, there is a much greater probability that they will get remembered.

My phone constantly has reminders and alarms going off every day with things that it has been asked to remember. Siri never forgets anything, but the information has to be given to her first.

When it comes to my time alone with God reading the Bible and seeking to apply it to my life each day, journaling has been a tremendous help. I don’t know how to defend it scientifically; however, it somehow seems to connect some of the dots in my brain.

Maybe it is only because before I write it down, I need to think through the process of what God has said to me in my heart. Regardless, there has been an increase in my retention and understanding of the Scriptures.