The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

Many of us grew up learning the great little song, “The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock.” That song is taken directly from Jesus’ teaching from The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7. As a master teacher, He explained that those who listened to Him and followed through by doing what He said to do, would be like a person who built His house on the rock. Those who heard His teachings and did not follow through would be like a person who built his house upon the sand.

The problem doesn’t really show up until the storms of life come. When they do, it will reveal the foundation of the house. If the wind, the rain, and the floods come upon a house in a fierce and ferocious way, the house built upon the rock will stand, whereas, the house built upon the sand will fall. Jesus is the rock!

Here’s the thing. We all know the story of Christmas and Easter. Jesus came at Christmas, He died on Good Friday, and rose again on Easter Sunday. But knowing that story is not enough. It is the one who is a committed disciple of Jesus and His teachings that will be able to weather the storms of life.

Storms come upon everyone whether you are a disciple of Christ or not; however, it is the disciple whose faith will not crumble during the storm. It may look like it is going to, and there may be a lot of creaking and swaying, but in the end, faith will win out because Christ is stronger than any storm. Don’t get me wrong, the storm may take away everything from you, but it cannot rob you of your relationship with God nor your faith in Him.

So, what is your house built upon? Is it built upon a few facts that you know about Jesus, or is it built upon a solid relationship that you have with Jesus?



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Ron Whitehead

Ron Whitehead

Follower of Jesus — Husband — Father — Pastor